The token is BEP-20 Compatible. We found 1 Informational and 1 medium severity issue. The team fixed all the issues we found. The contract has a time-limited blacklist function, which gives the owner of the project the capability of blacklisting any addresses (except the pair) 15 days after deployment. The sum of all the fees is up to 10% and is taken on every sell transaction.
Moonsta's Revenge and Solid Group teamed up for securing their liquidity listing. By having our bot protection, the team can focus on building their supportive community while we are handling the security of their TGE. We highly appreciate the team for taking measurements to protect their investors against unwelcome threats and provide them and provide their investors an unbiased environment.
Thanks to Moonsta's Revenge for choosing Solid Group as their lead auditor and advisor.
Last modified 7mo ago
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