Ginga Finance

Owner Capabilities

Privileged functions that only owner of the contract can execute, these are usually related to setting global parameters
  • setSwapTokensAtAmount - The owner can control the number of tokens that need to be accrued in the contract for the automatic liquidity addition, and auto dividends distribution mechanisms.
  • setBUSDRewardsFee
  • setMarketingFee
  • setLiquiditFee
  • setTokenForMarketing - sets the number of tokens that will be used for marketing out of the contract's balance, the maximum number of tokens can be nearly 100%.
  • updateDividendTracker - The owner can update the dividend tracker contract. Therefore changing the way the rewards are calculated and the existence of dividends rewards.
  • updateUniswapV2Router - The owner can update UniswapV2Router and the pair address.
  • setEnableFee - The owner can toggle off the fee on transfer.
  • excludeFromFees - The owner can exclude specific addresses from fee on transfer.
  • excludeMultipleAccountsFromFees - The owner can exclude multiple accounts from fees
  • setMarketingWallet
  • blacklistAddress -The owner can blacklist any address at any time, as long as it's not the pair address or the contract address.
  • _setAutomatedMarketMakerPair
  • updateClaimWait - Change the claim wait time between two claims.
  • excludeFromDividends - The owner of the contract can exclude any address from dividends.
  • updateMinimumTokenBalanceForDividends - The owner of the contract can update the minimum balance in order to be eligible for dividends.
  • updateGasForProcessing