Ginga Finance
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About Ginga

Ginga Finance ($GIN) is an innovative decentralized cryptocurrency with instant rewards and real use cases. BUSD reflection, The Fastest Dog contract, Mixer, and much more. Ginga Finance was born from the love of cryptocurrency, and manga. Originally Ginga - The Shooting Star Gin - (Japanese: 銀牙 -流れ星 銀) is a popular Japanese manga series.
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About Solid Group

Solid Group is a blockchain consulting and auditing service provider founded by cybersecurity experts with a great passion for the cryptocurrency world. We are known for our exceptional out of the box thinking, experience, and our credibility among the community. Throughout our work, our team was able to discover many high severity issues & vulnerabilities. We work with leading companies in the field, helping them increase their resilience through tailored services and solutions.
Solid Group provides ALL IN ONE ICO SOLUTION -
  • audited token generator ( Generate your own token with NO CODING KNOWLEDGE)
  • TGE sniper bot protection tool

Ginga Finance X Solid Group: Securing TGE By Using Solid Group Bot Protection

Ginga Finance and Solid Group teamed up for securing their liquidity listing. By having Solid Group's bot protection, the team can focus on building its supportive community while benefiting Solid Group's security layer for the upcoming TGE. Solid Group highly appreciates the team for taking measurements to protect their investors against unwelcome threats and provide their investors an unbiased environment.

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