Common Issues

The code is a tested template that was audited By Solid Group. After reviewing more than 400 projects, with different code quality, we have decided to create an audited version of most common protocols. This process saves the team the hassle of developing and testing the contracts and allows them to concentrate on developing and testing more complex and unique contracts for their eco-system.

The main incentive was to create decentralized code, that pass our audit. Our product is kept up-to-date with fixes to weaknesses and vulnerabilities that are found in protocols.

  • The contract cannot be untradeable by setting high fees on transfer, which is commonly used nowadays in many version of an existing contract that were allegedly audited.

  • The code is fully customized.

  • Fixed parsing issue on blockchain explorers by not emitting standard Transfer events when taking fees.

  • User-friendly by adding support for multi-address operations.

  • Fix Gas Optimization issues, such as the use of external instead of public when needed.

  • Add more descriptive error messages

  • Continuously monitored for improvements and security updates.

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