Burning Moon Audit


The team implemented an auto-liquidity listing function that locks the LP tokens on the token's contract. As part of the logic, the team implemented two functions:
1) SetupCreateLP - The purpose of this function is to add the initial liquidity. Only excluded addresses could trade the token after adding the liquidity. The token will be tradable for everyone when the function SetupEnableTrading is called.
When SetupEnableTrading is called - everyone can trade, and bot protection limitations are taking place for a certain amount of time after liquidity addition. Whitelist addresses limitations are shortened than regular investors. In addition, this function locks the LP tokens in the contract for 7 days from the moment it was called.
2) After a successful liquidity listing, the team needs to call the TeamlimitLiquidityReleaseTo20Percent function which sets the liquidity release amount to 20%. Please note, that without calling this function the team can withdraw 100% of the LP tokens when liquidity unlocked time has passed.
Calling this function will enable the team to withdraw 20% of the LP tokens every unlock period (at the moment once every 7 days)
3) TeamLockLiquidityForSeconds The team can call this function to prolong the liquidity lock.
Investors can verify the next unlock period by calling getLiquidityLockSeconds function.
Last modified 1yr ago