About Shiba Rocket Dog Project

ShibaRocket is the first crypto project to immerse their users in the adventure by augmenting reality. It serves as a portal to astronomical stories and provides users with the audiovisual experience of Shiba's journey through space. Those behind Shiba have recently started this remarkable project, and soon comics and minigames will be available to engage users in indoor and outdoor activity. Their comics will tell the stories of Shiba, his friends, and why they decided to go into the universe. These ebooks will be available for download on the website. As a result, users can play minigames and earn economic benefits.
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About Solid Group

Solid Group is a blockchain consulting and auditing service provider founded by cybersecurity experts with a great passion for the cryptocurrency world. We are known for our exceptional out of the box thinking, experience, and our credibility among the community. Throughout our work, our team was able to discover many high severity issues & vulnerabilities. We work with leading companies in the field, helping them increase their resilience through tailored services and solutions.
Solid Group provides ALL IN ONE ICO SOLUTION -
  • audited token generator ( Generate your own token with NO CODING KNOWLEDGE)
  • sniper bot protection tool
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Contract Address 0x782d8c5c0150bedc70d94fe6737763ede839f205 | BscScan
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